JURA A1 Ultra-Compact Coffee Machine

Created on Tue, 14 November 2017, 15:58

Love the elegant JURA coffee systems and their wonderful brewed coffees but think you don’t have room for one? Now you can brew your coffee at home and get that professional quality, barista-style coffee you want with the new slim, elegant and compact, one-cup JURA A1. No pods needed. Use your own fresh whole beans. Designed with JURA’s famed attention to detail, it is ideal for use in small spaces. Savor your JURA A1 coffee, espresso or ristretto first thing in the morning for a sophisticated, elegant start to your day!


TARGET USERS: Perfect for the coffee purist

-Ultra-compact, slim coffee system
-Easy to use illuminated touch panel
-Brews coffee, espresso and ristretto
-JURA exclusive Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) to give you more flavor with every shot
-JURA Aroma 3 conical burr grinder with faster grind times
-JURA Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System maximizes your flavor
-Height-adjustable coffee spout
-Energy-efficient; features an Energy Save Mode and Zero-Energy Switch
-Easy to maintain with built-in rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs

-Suggested retail price $1200, currently available on Amazon at $798.95
-Available now online and at select retail stores
-For more information: jura.com