Cooking, Cleaning, and Gift Shopping – ALL of us will be involved in these activities over the next month. Fortunately, we’ve got a nationally trusted new product expert with us today – David Gregg,’s Senior Editor – to help simplify our lives during this time of the year!
Being the “Teacher’s Pet” is typically not a compliment, however, if your kid is prepared for the back-to-school season with the best and most affordable tools for school, that title is a good thing!’s senior editor David Gregg shows us some of the best deals on Back-to-School gear!
Back-to-School purchases will top 27 billion dollars in 2017. That’s about $500 per student! Before you shop, save by listening’s Senior Editor, David Gregg.
Back-to-School shopping essentials focus primarily around tech and supplies.’s Senior Editor, David Gregg knows what’s worth buying and how much to spend for it.
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