Home Netwerks LED Bluetooth Wall Mirror

Created on Mon, 05 February 2018, 16:40

Ever had to fumble for your phone or run for it when you are in your bathroom? Home Netwerks makes life easier and more enjoyable with its innovative new LED dimmable lighted mirror with Bluetooth speakers. The integrated dimmable LED lighting borders all four sides of your mirror, illuminating the room and your reflection with more light. With the mirror’s dual Bluetooth speaker technology you can connect, play music and make phone calls seamlessly. The mirror is hardwired into your home’s power supply and can be operated by the existing wall switch. On the mirror, there are touch sensor buttons for operating the LED light and Bluetooth functions. Worried everything will fog up? The mirror includes a built-in anti-fog feature which prevents fog from building up on the mirror surface while you shower.


TARGET USERS: Great for consumers who want to take advantage of Bluetooth functions while in the bathroom and enjoy better bathroom lighting

-30″ x 24″ wall mounted mirror
-Features 4-sided, dimmable LED light rated to last 30,000 hours
-Touch sensor buttons on mirror for you to operate the LED light and Bluetooth functionality
-Designed with three different levels of brightness which you can easily change with the touch of the button
-Dual integrated Bluetooth speakers with microphone for making and taking calls through Bluetooth speakers
-Connect, play music, make phone calls seamlessly
-Built-in anti-fog feature
-Requires hardwiring to your home’s power supply; operate with existing wall switch

-Suggested retail price $249
-Available at Home Depot in-store and online at homedepot.com/p/Home-Netwerks-24-in-x-30-in-LED-Wall-Mirror-with-Bluetooth-Speakers-75-101-BT/303698692
-For more information: homedepot.com/p/Home-Netwerks-24-in-x-30-in-LED-Wall-Mirror-with-Bluetooth-Speakers-75-101-BT/303698692