VogDUO Charger Go Ultra-Slim USB-C Car Charger

Created on Mon, 09 April 2018, 15:09

On the go, you don’t want to have to worry about whether you have enough power for your devices such as a USB-C laptop, Nintendo Switch, smartphone or tablet. The new Charger Go by VogDUO is the ideal solution for anyone who frequently travels in cars, whether commuting for work, traveling for work or for fun. You’ll be able to work on your laptop or continue gaming on your Nintendo Switch without draining your batteries. The ultra-slim, elegant Charger Go provides 57 watts of power. It supports Power Delivery 3.0 via USB-C, and its USB-A port provides you fast charging for older phones, tablets and accessories. Keep working, keep playing the easy way with Charger Go!


TARGET USERS: Perfect for anyone who travels in a car frequently

-Compact size–only 3.0″ x 1.5″ x 0.5″
-57 watts power
-Two USB ports–USB-C with Power Delivery 3.0 support (45W) and USB-A (5V 2.4A)
-Charge up to two times faster with Rapid Charging Technology
-Supports charging most devices including Apple MacBook, Nintendo Switch, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and more
-LED indicator detects low voltage car battery
-Comes in black or red

-Suggested retail price starts at $14.99
-Pre-order now, available starting April 25, 2018 on Newegg.com and vogduo.us/products/charger-go-scc001
-Also available in two different configurations: Charger Go 30W Dual USB-C (with two USB-C ports each with 15W output); Charger Go 27W USB-C/USB-A Combo (with one USB-C port with 15W output and one USB-A port with 12W output).
-For more information: vogduo.us/products/charger-go-scc001