Mattel Kamigami Build-It-Yourself Robot Sets

Created on Mon, 23 October 2017, 15:28

Bugs fascinate children. Now you can combine their interest in bugs with STEM learning. Mattel, in collaboration with Dash Robotics, has introduced Kamigami Build-It-Yourself Robot sets. These sets allow your child to build a robotic bug, such as a praying mantis, ladybug, scorpion and more, using flat sheets of foldable plastic while following step-by-step instructions within the Kamigami Controller app. Once it’s assembled, the Kamigami can be programmed through the easy-to-use app to customize the robot’s unique movements and reactions, and how the Kamigami interacts with your child. The free companion app can also be used to drive, race or battle their Kamigami. The app will continually offer new updates and game suggestions, so there’s always something new to both entertain and teach your child.


TARGET USERS: The manufacturer suggests it is for ages 8-12, but these kits can be interesting to older children too

-Follow easy step-by-step instructions to build your own robot by folding flat plastic sheets around a motorized base
-Program your robot to make unique movements, reactions, interactions and more
-Use the free companion app to drive, race or battle other Kamigamis
-Easy-to-use visual interface allows you to blink lights, play sounds, and maneuver around obstacles
-Assembly takes less than one hour–no tools required
-Has 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, IR transmitter, two IR sensors, tri-color LEDs
-Rechargeable lithium polymer battery with playtime of up to 30 minutes

-Suggested retail price each set $49.99
-Eight types of Kamigami available at launch, including lady bugs, praying mantises, scorpions and more
-Optional shell packs to change the look of your Kamigami $9.99/each
-Available at Amazon, Target and Toys ‘R’ Us
-For more information: