Make-Your-Own-Bunny at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Created on Wed, 14 March 2018, 13:33

Here’s some Easter fun for you and your children–create personalized furry bunnies at Build-A-Bear! Bunnies now available include: Peter Rabbit with his signature blue jacket and 5-in-1 phrases (voiced by actor James Corden) celebrating the upcoming release of the new Peter Rabbit film; Jumbo Pawlette, an amazing 3-foot tall bunny; Blossom Bunny; Bright Blue Bunny and Spring Lilac Bunny are all ready for you to make your own at Build-A-Bear retail stores and online at The Sweet Mocha Bunny is an online exclusive. Entertain your children during Spring Break or get them yourself to complete their Easter baskets!


TARGET USERS: Perfect for families who want to do fun Easter activities together; great for completing that perfect Easter basket for your child

-Choose which furry friend you want
-Personalize with embroidery if desired
-Choose clothes and shoes
-Choose sounds, such as record-your-voice and more and scents that can be added
-Choose accessories
-Make in-store or choose already made to your specifications online
-Bunnies include: Peter Rabbit, Jumbo Pawlette, Blossom Bunny, Bright Blue Bunny, Spring Lilac Bunny, Online Exclusive Sweet Mocha Bunny and more

-Pawlette, the Build-A-Bear bunny mascot will be in Build-A-Bear stores to take photos with your children on the following dates: March 16-18, March 23-25 and March 30-April 1
-Photo ops, a “bunny hop” activity and Make-Your-Own Bunny origami bookmarks will be available on these “Hop Hop Hooray” weekends
-Sign up at to receive email updates on the timing of these events and more

-Suggested retail pricing starts at $22.00-$65.00 on bunnies mentioned
-Available now at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and online at
-For more information: