Make Valentine’s Day Special with a Personalized Gift from Build-A-Bear!

Created on Mon, 16 January 2017, 16:41

This year, make your Valentine’s Day gift very personal with a candy-scented gift, one of the new Sweet Scent Collection from Build-A-Bear Workshop. You can stuff it yourself, add a personalized message or love song with a Build-A-Sound recordable sound chip,and choose special accessories to go with it. The new Sweet Scent Collection includes three new Make-Your-Own furry friends: Sweet Scent Panda, Sweet Scent Leopard and Sweet Scent Teddy. All have candy-scented fur made possible by Celessence Technologies encapsulation, a license of Genius Brands International. When you touch the fur, the fragrance is released. The more you hug your furry friend, the sweeter it smells!


TARGET USERS: Perfect for children of all ages. Children under the age of 3 need to have a bare furry friend only–no clothing or accessories. Clothing and accessories are marked for the appropriate age.

-Collection includes Sweet Scent Panda, Sweet Scent Leopard, and Sweet Scent Teddy
-Each furry friend is 16″ tall
-Each furry friend is candy-scented; the scent release with touch so the more you hug, the more fragrance releases
-Sweet Scent Panda has soft pink and white fur with an all-over heart pattern
-Sweet Scent Leopard has bright pink leopard-print fur and expressiveblue eyes
-Sweet Scent Teddy has soft brown fur, light brown pads, and love-struck blue eyes
-Add a personalized message or love song using an optional Build-A-Sound recordable sound chip
-Optional accessories include Red & White “Hugs” Hoodie, Valentine’s Day Pink Sequin Dress, “Hugs” Plush Heart, Gold Bows, Valentine’s Day 2pc. Love Skirt Set, Build-A-Bear Buddies Golden Lion and much more

-Now through February 28,2017, you can make a donation to support Save the Children in Build-A-Bear stores or online at All donations made in the United States will go to Save the Children’s Journey of Hope program in the United States.
-Build-A-Bear Foundation will match each donation made in U.S. stores up to $100,000
-In Build-A-Bear stores, you can sign a Valentine’s Day card and place it in a special Cub Condo carrying case to be delivered to children in the United States by Save the Children

-Sweet Scent furry friends cost $20/each (just the animal itself-no outfit or accessories)
-Optional outfits and accessories available for $3.00 and up
-Build-A-Sound recordable sound chip available for $8.00
-All available now at Build-A-Bear retail stores and online at
-For more information: