Jimu Robot BuilderBots Kit by UBTECH Robotics

Created on Tue, 08 August 2017, 14:36

Give your children the tools they need to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills in a way that makes learning fun with Jimu Robot BuilderBots Kit. This is an interactive robotic building block kit for children that lets them build two robots: GrabberBot and DigBot, or lets them invent their own robot creation. It is an easy to build & code robotics kit with a 3D app that allows your children to play and learn at their own pace. Your children will love building these Jimu robots and watching them in action when they use the App to code and program moves. You will love knowing that while they are playing, they are learning essential skills for use later in their lives.


TARGET USERS: Designed for children ages 8-14

-Teaches you child how to design, build and code, how to rapid prototype, how to experiment and how to play
-Kit includes everything needed to build the robots–4 Smooth Motion Robotic Servo Motors; 1 Infrared Sensor; 1 8-color LED Light; 357 Snap-Together Parts & Connectors; 1 Recharging Power Adaptor; 1 Main Control Box; 1 Long-Life, Quick-Recharging Lithium-ion Battery, and Quick Start Guide
-Free Jimu Robot app available for both iOS and Android
-App includes easily followed 3D-illustrated building instructions; pre-programmed action with Blockly coding to help your children get moving with robot actions; an in-app “joystick” remote to control the robot on a smartphone or tablet; in-app “Action Bars” control individual treads to direct the robot; fun ways to share your children’s completed robot with friends in the Jimu community

-Suggested retail price $99
-Available for purchase at leading retailers including Target and at jimurobots.com
-For more information: jimurobots.com