Philips Special Edition Star Wars Shavers

Created on Wed, 18 October 2017, 14:10

Give your Star Wars fan the perfect gift with new Philips Special Edition Star Wars shavers, available for a limited time. These three new special edition Star Wars-inspired shavers were created to celebrate the December 15, 2017 release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Collaborating with the legendary Star Wars franchise, Philips brings you innovative Star Wars-inspired shavers that combine premium, cutting-edge technology with Star Wars characters from both the light side and the dark side. Unleash the Force and master the shave!


TARGET USERS: Perfect for the Star Wars fan; collectors of Star Wars items

-Three models available: SW9700; SW3700, and SW170
-SW9700 features Unique V-Track Pro technology for exceptional comfort and closeness, and a dark side design with a dramatic red to black gradient and a First Order logo power button
-SW3700 features self-sharpening, precision ComfortCut blades for a close shave every time, and mimics R2-D2’s mannerisms with a blinking on/off light and paneling up and down the body
-SW170 features a Storm Trooper dark side design and self-sharpening, ComfortCut blades

-Suggested retail price model SW9700 $269.99
-Suggested retail price model SW3700 $79.99
-Suggested retail price mode SW170 $79.99
-All are available at Walmart, Amazon and Centre Du Rasoir/Personal Edge
-For more information: