Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush

Created on Wed, 19 April 2017, 14:28

It just takes 60 seconds to clean and blend your way to flawless-looking skin with Clarisonic’s first-ever Sonic Foundation Brush. The Sonic Foundation Brush transforms every Clarisonic cleansing device into a makeup applicator, facilitating better blending, better coverage and less foundation waste. Clarisonic’s patented oscillation technology generates more than 18,000 micro-blends per minute, gently buffing your skin for an airbrushed, full-coverage look.


TARGET USERS: Makeup users who want to achieve the best look possible using their foundation

-Applies and blends makeup evenly for an airbrushed, flawless look
-Can be used with a variety of liquid or cream makeup including: foundation, concealer, contour/cream stick, highlighter, coloring correcting primer and cream blush
-Brush bristles range from soft and thin for blending to firm and thick for precision
-Brush head features easy-to-clean anti-microbial fibers
-Apply liquid makeup and achieve the perfect blending, contouring, or strobing effect in just 60 seconds
-Brush head absorbs minimal foundation to prevent clumping and reduce foundation waste
-Recommended to clean the brush with a daily brush cleaner and deep clean with water and brush shampoo as needed

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