Wink Bright Smart Lighting Kit and Two New Home Safety Services

Created on Fri, 16 June 2017, 15:15

Interested in a smart home and home safety, but not sure where to start? Wink Bright is a smart lighting essentials kit created for people like you. Wink Bright is an easy to set up, plug-and-play solution. Once plugged in and connected to your home internet, the Wink 6.0 mobile app automatically detects Wink Bright and helps you through a simple setup which takes about 2 minutes. Wink Bright works with two new home safety services–Home Sitter and Moonlight–which are available on the Wink mobile app. Home Sitter makes it appear that you are at home when you are away by turning lights on and off in a natural manner. It won’t ever turn your lights on in the middle of the night or in broad daylight. Moonlight makes you feel safer by ensuring you always return to a well-lit home. It turns smart lights on and off at pre-determined times. It works with both indoor and outdoor lights. Both Home Sitter and Moonlight are free services available as part of the release of the Wink 6.0 mobile app.


TARGET USERS: Designed for consumers who want to start a smart home but don’t know where to begin

-Kit contains one Wink Hub 2 and two SYLVANIA Smart A19 Dimmable light bulbs
-Easy setup, in under two minutes
-Plug-and-Play solution
-Comes with light bulbs already connected to Wink Hub 2
-Works with the Wink 6.0 mobile app
-Two new free home safety services available on Wink mobile app–Home Sitter and Moonlight

-Suggested retail price $119
-Available for pre-order at and
-Orders will begin to be fulfilled in one to two weeks
-Wink mobile app is free; available through the Apple App Store and Google Play
-For more information: