SodaStream Fruit Drops–the Newest Way to Love Your Water!

Created on Mon, 27 November 2017, 13:48

SodaStream, the no.1 sparkling water brand, has released its new Fruit Drop essence line, available at retailers nationwide. Fruit Drops are all-natural flavored, preservative-free and contain zero calories. When added to your sparkling water you are making in your SodaStream machine, it naturally makes the water taste better. Keep hydrated the healthy way with SodaStream and enjoy it more with new SodaStream Fruit Drops!


TARGET USERS: Perfect for SodaStream machine owners; great for anyone wanting to hydrate more healthily

-All natural, preservative-free fruit essences
-Zero calories
-Available in five flavors: Lemon, Lime, Raspberry, Orange and Mango
-Comes in individual 40 ml sleek glass bottles
-Each bottle can flavor up to 20L (80 servings) of sparkling water

-Suggested retail price $3.99 per bottle
-Available at online and at leading retailers including Target and Bed Bath and Beyond
-For more information: