OtterBox Venture Coolers and Elevation Tumblers

Created on Wed, 10 May 2017, 15:52

Camping this summer? Wherever your adventures take you, trust rugged OtterBox Venture Coolers to keep your food and drink cold and safe. This premium line of coolers can hold ice for up to 14 days, is certified bear-resistant when using the OtterBox Locking Kit, and has been drop tested for durability on every side and edge, empty and full. You can even customize your Venture Cooler to meet your needs. It has a strong mounting system that lets you attach the accessories you need, such as a cutting board, dry storage tray, separators, sidetable, cup holders, and drybox clips. They come in 3 sizes–Venture 25, Venture 45 and Venture 65. The number designates the amount of quarts they hold. OtterBox’s new Elevation tumbler line are stainless steel, copper lined for superior temperature retention, sweat-resistant, and come in 10,20, and 64-ounce sizes. They, too, can be customized with accessories such as the shaker lid, the french press lid, the flavor infuser lid, or the thermal lid.


TARGET USERS: Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, picnic-goers, and more

-Premium, rugged coolers available in 25, 45, and 65 quart sizes
-Keeps ice frozen for up to 14 days
-Sturdy, easy to use latches that snap securely closed
-Anti-slide rubber feet
-Integrated handles that double as tie-down anchors
-Drains easily due to slanted interior bottom
-Customize your cooler to meet your needs with optional accessories which include bottle opener, cup holders, dry storage tray, cutting board, side table and drybox clip
-Certified bear-resistant when using the OtterBox Locking Kit
-Drop-tested for durability on every side and edge
-Backed by OtterBox Limited Lifetime Warranty
-Designed and manufactured in the United States
-Available in Hudson (white and blue), Ridgeline (tan and green) and Back Trail (RealTree Camo)

-Stainless steel, copper lined tumblers with superior temperature retention
-Come in 10, 20, and 64-ounce sizes
-Optional accessories to customize include the shaker lid which allows you to mix up a cocktail; french press lid; the flavor infuser lid which lets you steep tea or add fruit to water, and the thermal lid which lets you seal up hot foods or drink to enjoy later

-Suggested retail price OtterBox Venture 25 $249.99 (comes with a bottle opener accessory)
-Suggested retail price OtterBox Venture 45 $349.99 (includes a bottle opener and dry storage tray)
-Suggested retail price OtterBox Venture 65 $399.99 (includes a bottle opener and dry storage tray)
-Suggested retail price OtterBox Elevation 10 $24.99; Elevation 20 $29.99, Elevation 64 $89.99
-All OtterBox coolers and Elevation tumblers are coming soon to and will be available at Best Buy and in early June
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