NuBryte Touchpoint–the All-in-One Smart Home Solution

Created on Mon, 06 March 2017, 17:09

Not interested in buying multiple devices to make your home smart? NuBryte Touchpoint brings all the most popular connected home features together in a light switch: security, smart lights, intercom, and a home hub. This gives you home control, security and messaging right at the switch or from anywhere using the NuBryte app. With built-in smart products like security cameras, motion detection, smart lights and intercom and its intuitive touchscreen, your NuBryte Touchpoint can be the center of your smart home.


TARGET USERS: Perfect for anyone interested in connecting their home without the clutter of lots of gadgets

-5″ touchscreen display that comes in a single switch or double switch edition to replace your light switch
-Built-in video camera and motion sensor
-Built-in proximity sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor and electric current detector
-If a sensor is triggered, you get a push notification, the siren will sound, and lights will flash
-Mic/speaker (connects to secondary Touchpoint to create an intercom system)
-Controls lighting from the switch or from the NuBryte app and works with whatever bulbs you already have installed
-5 easy-to-use lighting automation and digital dimming modes
-Creates a Family Hub showing Indoor/Outdoor temperature & Humidity, 5-Day Weather Forecast, Calendar, Notifications and Event Alerts, Energy Monitoring, and more
-Works with Amazon Alexa
-No contracts or monthly fees

-Suggested retail price Single Switch NuBryte Touchpoint $249
-Suggested retail price Dual Switch NuBryte Touchpoint $259
-Available at Best Buy retail stores, and on Amazon