Hive View Smart Indoor Camera

Created on Wed, 10 January 2018, 16:01

Make your smart home even smarter with new Hive View Smart Indoor Camera! You can set it anywhere you need inside using the “Grab and Go” feature. Hive View only captures content when it is triggered by motion or sound. It will automatically start recording then and send you a notification that it has detected motion or sound. You can set it to detect people only, so you won’t get notifications triggered by your family pet. Don’t want it to record while you are there? Hive View comes with a privacy mode, so it records only when needed, via the Hive app or through set schedules. Using the Hive app, you can watch a secure livestream in 1080p HD, even when it is dark. You can view captured content for 24 hours as standard from anywhere, or you can upgrade to receive Hive Video Playback. Hive Video Playback is a new service giving a 30-day rolling video history, all easily and securely accessed from anywhere, for a low monthly fee.


TARGET USERS: Great for consumers interested in connected homes, security

-Simple setup
-Choice of wall, shelf, or magnetic mount; comes with ultra-thin stand
-Camera can rotate, flex and has a wide 130 degree field of view
-“Grab and Go” feature lets you easily detach from stand and place anywhere in your home as needed
-Automatically records when triggered by motion or sound
-Can be set to detect people only so your pets don’t trigger recordings
-Sends notifications to your smartphone when motion or sound detected
-Privacy mode lets you set when you want it to record using set schedules and more, via Hive app
-Using the Hive app, watch secure 1080p HD video, even when it is dark
-View captured content for 24-hours standard or you can upgrade to the optional Hive Video Playback, which gives you a 30-day rolling video history
-Available in two colors: Black and Brushed Copper; White and Champagne Gold

-Suggested retail price camera only 199.99
-The new Close to Home pack, built around Hive View, comes with a family of Hive devices, including lights, sensors, and plugs and Hive Video Playback, designed to work together with the Hive View; suggested retail price $349.99
-Optional Hive Video Playback Service $5.99/month
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