Brinks Home Security ARRAY Smart Deadbolt

Created on Wed, 31 January 2018, 15:31

Here’s a simple, smart security solution that doesn’t require adding separate hubs or accessories. ARRAY is a cloud-connected, app-enabled door lock that allows you to use your existing Wi-Fi to connect the deadbolt to the cloud. You can replace your existing deadbolt using a single screwdriver, then easily connect to your home router. With ARRAY, you can open your door three different ways: using Android or iOS apps for smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch; through the LED backlit keypad, and using traditional keys. The ARRAY app enables you to lock and unlock your door remotely, activate geofencing, check lock status and usage, schedule access via e-Keys and e-Codes, monitor battery status, and control multiple ARRAY locks. Of course, ARRAY is Amazon Alexa compatible, with more supported platforms coming!


TARGET USERS: Great for novice Smart Home users and also for the highly connected homeowner

-Cloud and app-enabled internet of things (IoT) deadbolt
-Use right out of the box–No expensive hub needed
-Connects to your existing home Wi-Fi router
-Via the ARRAY app for Android or iOS, you can lock and unlock your door remotely, activate geofencing, check lock status and usage, monitor battery status, schedule access via e-Keys and e-Codes and control multiple ARRAY locks
-Compatible with Amazon Alexa with more supported platforms coming
-Advanced rechargeable power system
-Built-in solar panel so your lock can be powered by the sun if in direct sunlight
-Three ways to open your door: using the ARRAY app on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch; through the LED backlit keyboard, and using traditional keys
-Feature data encryption and two-step authentication and a highly secure cloud architecture for enterprise-class security
-Meet or exceeds the highest performance rating for residential locks from the American National Standards Institute (Grade 2) and is pick-resistant, bump-resistant and drill-resistant
-Coming in satin nickel, Tuscan Bronze and polished chrome finishes

-Suggested retail price $249
-Pre-order now at, and on Amazon
-Available February 28, 2018
-For more information: