Ultimate Ears Limited Edition Second Street Collection

Created on Wed, 07 June 2017, 14:57

Ultimate Ears is launching the limited edition Second Street Collection, in a collaboration with the famous graffiti duo Bicicleta Sem Freio, as part of their campaign to “Bring Music to Life.” Celebrating the power of music to transform your life, these 8 new patterns and colors for Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 and Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM bring music and trend-setting art together to showcase the technology that Ultimate Ears enthusiasts love about their award-winning wireless Bluetooth speakers, including incredible 360 degree sound, waterproof, and extreme durability. Choose one of these unique speakers to amp up your lifestyle!


TARGET USERS: Consumers who appreciate great audio combined with amazing art

-8 new patterns and colors for Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 and Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM wireless Bluetooth speakers
-Cityscape and Urban Zebra designs showcase bold geometrics and stark, graphic patterns in neutral tones inspired by the monolithic structures in the urban landscape
-After Hours and Marina embody a classic palette of intense, electrifying reds and blues
-Midnight Garden, Stone, Cashmere and Lilac feature soft, warm and vaguely luminous tones inspired by the hazy light of spring

-Suggested retail prices for BOOM 2 $199.99 and for MEGABOOM $299
-Available online and in select countries worldwide June 2017
-For more information: ultimateears.com