Samsung CJ791 34″ Curved Monitor Featuring Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 Connectivity

Created on Wed, 03 January 2018, 15:54

Samsung’s new CJ791, debuting at CES 2018 next week, is the world’s first curved monitor to feature Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. This means through a single Thunderbolt 3 cable, laptop users can link and dock their laptop without extensive wiring. This Thunderbolt 3 connection will provide processing speeds of up to 40 Gigabits per second–nearly 4 times faster than USB alternatives. The Thunderbolt 3 interface also allows your CJ791 to provide up to 85 watts of laptop charging power. With its best-in-class curvature and OLED picture quality, you can look forward to a comfortable and productive user experience, perfect for both entertainment and business use.


TARGET USERS: Perfect for business users, gamers, and entertainment enthusiasts

-34″ curved monitor with Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
-Industry’s sharpest 1,500R curvature and ultra-wide 178-degree viewing angle for full immersion
-21:9 aspect ratio which provides more screen real estate for multitasking
-3440 x 1440 ultra-wide QHD resolution
-Link and dock your monitor through a single Thunderbolt 3 cable
-Provides processing speed of up to 40 Gigabits per second (Gbps)–nearly four times faster than USB alternatives
-Enjoy full connectivity across a full ecosystem of docks, displays and peripheral devices, including Macs, USB type-C laptops, storage drives, external graphic cards and more
-Provides up to 85 watts of laptop charging power
-Gamers will enjoy Game Mode, which contains a dynamic gamma setting that intuitively adjusts color and contrast of each scene for a more true-to-life environment, and will love the CJ791’s four milliseconds response time, making it ideal for racing, flight simulation and first-person battle games
-Comes with height-adjustable stand

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