Rylo: the Newest Way to Capture the Perfect Shot

Created on Wed, 08 November 2017, 15:42

Rylo is a powerful, palm-sized 360-degree camera developed by former Instagram and Apple engineers. Shooting, editing and sharing amazing videos has been made simple with Rylo’s proprietary breakthrough image stabilization software and smart app. With Rylo, you don’t have to worry about framing your shot or holding the camera steady–simply hit record and make the perfect video after the fact. Video shot on Rylo can be shared in two formats. Create a regular HD video by selecting a traditionally framed view within the 360 degree footage, or share a fully immersive video in 4K 360 degree. Rylo’s innovative software corrects any distortion typically expected with fisheye lenses. With Rylo’s most innovative proprietary stabilization technology, unwanted camera movement and shakiness is eliminated. Worried editing will take tons of your time? The Rylo app reduces your editing time to just minutes on your smartphone. After shooting your video, plug the camera directly into your phone and the Rylo app automatically opens, giving you a suite of simple one-tap editing options. Once you’ve edited it, it’s simple to share your video to Instagram, Facebook or message it to your family.


TARGET USERS: Perfect for iPhone users who want to take and share amazing videos (Rylo for Android coming soon)

-Smooth, beautiful 4K 360° video recording made simple
-Easy to use-simply press record
-Dual wide-angle lenses combine for 360 degree coverage
-With Rylo app, easily create a perfectly framed clip from your 360 degree shot
-Share as a traditional HD video or fully immersive 360 degree video
-Proprietary breakthrough image stabilization software eliminates unwanted camera movement and shakiness
-Edit in minutes using Rylo App
-To edit, plug your camera directly into your phone. The app automatically opens, offering a suite of one-tap editing options
-Editing options include trimming, cropping, FrontBack, Follow, Points, and Timelapse
-FrontBack allows you to put yourself in the action with a picture-in-picture that shows your reactions as you capture a moment
-Follow lets you track the action of an object with a simple tap and Rylo automatically adjusts the camera’s orientation to keep the action in the frame
-Points lets you control the camera’s perspective after the fact by tapping on specific points of interest in your video. Rylo automatically produces a smooth video that connects these points
-Speed up Rylo’s stabilized video to create moving timelapse videos (up to 16x normal speed)
-Share your videos with ease on Instagram, Facebook and through messaging

-Suggested retail price $499
-Available on rylo.com
-For more information: rylo.com