Lynx by UBTECH, the Alexa-enabled Smart Home Robot

Created on Wed, 29 November 2017, 16:06

Lynx, the first intelligent humanoid robot to feature Amazon’s cloud-based Alexa voice service, is now available, exclusively through Amazon. Lynx with Amazon Alexa makes a wonderful companion at home or in the office. Combining the award-winning robotics of UBTECH with Amazon Alexa’s automatic speech recognition, language understanding and search capability, Lynx can make your life easier and more fun. Lynx with Amazon Alexa features voice, facial and presence recognition, Surveillance Mode and Avatar Mode. Lynx with Amazon Alexa can be your exercise coach, dance, sing, organize your daily reminders, use all of Alexa’s always growing list of skills and more.


TARGET USERS: Consumers wanting an intelligent robotic assistant who can also be fun

-Facial, presence and voice interaction
-Use all of Alexa’s skills, which are constantly growing
-In Surveillance Mode, can detect movement and sound within a room and send you 30-second video clips via the opted-in or scheduled app function
-In Music Mode, can play Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, TuneIn and more with simple voice commands
-Organizes reminders for the day and sets them up as shared calendar events
-Uses built-in camera for facial recognition and allows you to check on home, pets, and family events when you are away from home
-Use Lynx to search for and buy the best shopping deals with simple voice commands, and much more

-Suggested retail price $799.99
-Available exclusively through Amazon
-For more information: