KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera

Created on Wed, 06 December 2017, 16:55

Instant printing gets better and easier with KODAK’s new KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera. This point-and-shoot camera combines high-quality, instant-print color photos with digital conveniences, such as color controls, filter effects and Bluetooth connectivity. You can instantly share printed photos with your family and friends AND share them digitally instantly across social media platforms! With Bluetooth connectivity, you can save and transfer your images to a smart device for further editing with the complimentary KODAK Mini Shot App, which features a variety of filters, cropping options, stickers, card templates or more. Using the App, your smartphone can be used as a remote shutter for group shots or as an extended library of photos that can be sent to the KODAK Mini Shot for instant printing.


-Maximum resolution 10-megapixel camera
-1.7″ LCD Viewfinder for viewing photos before they are printed
-Auto Focus, Exposure, White Balance, Gamma Color Control
-Bluetooth Connectivity
-4Pass Patented Printing Technology
-Compatible with iOS and Android devices
-Complimentary KODAK Mini Shot App for adding filters and effects
-Normal and photo border printing
-Print credit-card sized (2.1″ x 3.4″) or square (2.1″ x 2.1″) adhesive-backed photos
-Extra protective layer preserves image quality and color integrity
-High-quality, waterproof, fingerprint-proof photo prints
-All-in-one ink and paper cartridge
-Available in black, white, or yellow

-Suggested retail price $99.99
-Includes a Micro USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, and an 8-pack all-in-one 4Pass photo print cartridge
-Available now on Amazon.com