Cross TrackR Pens

Created on Mon, 12 March 2018, 15:30

Are you one of those people who are frequently looking for where you put your favorite pen? No more wasted time, never lose it again–the Cross TrackR pen uses Bluetooth and Crowd Locate technology to keep you paired with your pen wherever you go. If you drop it in the middle of a crowd, or lose it on a trip across the globe, the device will alert you of its last known location using the TrackR app. If for some reason, the pen’s Bluetooth connection is disconnected from the paired mobile phone, TrackR’s Crowd Locate community of millions of users will automatically start searching for your lost pen. If just one of the millions of TrackR app users walks by your lost pen while running the app, you will receive a confidential update with your pen’s last known location. Extra bonus–your pen can help you find your misplaced mobile phone! By pressing the button located on your pen’s cap, it can alert you to the phone’s location, even when left in silent mode.


TARGET USERS: Perfect for consumers who like premium writing instruments but don’t like to have to look for them every time they misplace them

-Features the latest in Bluetooth technology
-Crowd Locate technology
-Locate your misplaced pen using the TrackR app
-Get alerts of your pen’s last known location
-Also can help locate a misplaced mobile phone (the one the pen is paired with)
-Powered by two replaceable CR1220 batteries
-Available in 5 stunning finishes
-Comes with a one-year electronic warranty, keepsake gift box, two extra batteries, two refill adaptors, and two extra ballpoint pen reills

-Available in two price points
-Lustrous Chrome, Coal Black and Steam Blue are available for $95
-Polished Lacquer and Brushed Chrome with 23KT gold plated appointments are available for $125
-Available at your local retailers or on
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